Sunday, December 12, 2010


From time to time I update my portfolio and with that my CV and business card. 2010 was an eventful year in which I met a lot of new interesting people from around the world. Self-promotion is an art form that everybody practice whether they are aware of it or not. It is the whole package. From your social network profile, blog, portfolio, business card, desktop background during presentations, mail signature to your body language and eye contact when you meet face to face. Everything adds to how people look at you. I'm far from an expert in the area but I like to take a crack at it every now and then.

A couple of weeks before a trip to Japan I made a new design for my business card. I labeled the design Prism. Minimalistic, enigmatic and elegant. But rather than just being visually stimulating I wanted to add another quality to it; tactility. Surfaces and groves on different levels of depth. The geometrical grid would generate an interesting texture to touch.

After some research of laser cutting machines I found an interesting design firm in Miami called b-type design that seemed to able to do what I wanted. I handed b-type design the Illustrator files and let them work their magic. It turned out exactly as I wanted.

While I were at it I also designed a background for the iPad.