Friday, May 20, 2011

REV 510

まえにスエーデンにすんで、わたしのともだちといっしょにたくさんプロジェクトをしました。ステファン ペテリニはいいまんがのライターです。このプロジェクトのなまえはレブ510でした。まんがかゲームでしたがおわりませんでした。でも、これをはたらくのはとてもたのしかったです。

Before, when I was living back home in Sweden I worked on many projects together with my friend Stefan Petrini, who is a great comic book writer. This project was called Rev 510. It was either going to be a comic or a game, it was never finished but it was very fun working on it.

This was the story.

The 80's never ended. Neither did the cold war and Russia was winning. Instead of Mickey and Donald there was Drutten and Jena. Microsoft was named Mikrosha. The world was culturally corrupted by shallow ideals, drugs and the stock market. In the midst of all this a group of young and brave hackers emerged to dethrone the decadent establishment and find a better way. The stylish couriering cracking crew REV 510.

It had a lot of whimsical elements and touchstones it it. Flying turtle scooters, Puma disc system and Reebook Pump shoes, MC Hammer pants, snake-boards, Sinclair C5's, text-TV propaganda, Rock Lords, wrist-calculators, obscure video game system references, McGyver, Nattsudd etc.
The game was going a bit similar to Earthbound in that you were rolling with your crew, exploring and researching the world and managing everybody. When it came to action the game were going to have a fusion-system similar to しんめがみてんせい (Shin Megami Tensei), but instead of demons you would be fusing different programming languages instead. I always wanted to see this being made on the old crummy handheld Gamate so I made the game mock-up for it.